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Dharma Automotive Service

A brand locals trust for honest and excellent service at a price that beats our competitors!

At Dharma Autoworks, it’s our dedication that differentiates us from other car repair shops. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best service and products on the market for our customers.
Dharma Autoworks believes in getting you back on the road as soon, efficiently, and safely as possible--without breaking the bank!

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We've Got You Covered

Your vehicle is in great hands!

Brake Services

Brake pads, rotors, caliper service.

Regularly scheduled brake inspections/service is recommended every 30,000-40,000 miles.
**Check out our premium/sport brakes & rotor options!


Restore Power, Fuel Efficency, and Longevity

Tune-ups and preventative maintenance inspections are recommended every 25,000 miles, or less if you suspect decreased performance or reliability from your vehicle.
**Check out our premium/sport tune-up services and additional products to increase performance and longevity, especially in high mileage vehicles!

Changing Oil & Oil Filter

Never forget this!

Regularly scheduled oil & filter changes are essential maintenance that every vehicle owner needs to do at recommended intervals to ensure performance and reliability of the engine!
**Recommended Intervals (whichever comes first):
For conventional oil users: Every 3,000 miles or 3 months.
For synthetic blend oil users: Every 4,000 miles or 4 months.
For Full-Synthetic oil users: Every 5,000 miles or 5 months.

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Currently by Appointment Only:
Tuesday & Friday 11AM-9PM

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